Title Companies:

If you want a company with integrity, professionalism and the knowledge to process and negotiate your short sales nationwide, I would recommend the Serendipity Group.  Their short sale files are very easy to process, close and fund compared to most.

Chris Van Winkle
Regional President
Nations Title Agency of Michigan
We at Nova are very happy to have the Serendipity Group as part of the Nova Title Team.  We are confident that when we refer short sales to your organization, the short sale will be accomplished with the highest level of professionalism, hard work and a high degree of success.  Moreover, your ability to deal with unexpected problems and still achieve the desired result reflects your years of experience and total dedication.

David J. Silberman, President
Nova Title & Closing Services
Brookfield, Wisconsin



When we had to relocate to California for my husbands job, we knew selling our house was going to be close to impossible with the way the market is in Michigan. In addition, we had two mortgages with two different mortgage companies and owed much more than what the house would ever sell for. Completely lost and confused with the short sale process and how to proceed with a short sale when two different mortgage companies had to be considered, we sought outside help. Thank God, we found Jackie Patterson to be on our side and represent us. Jackie was more than wonderful through the entire process. No matter what happened Jackie always remained professional, informed and on top of things. We always felt complete confidence with Jackie and always knew that she was doing everything she could to not only get our short sale closed, but to get us the best possible outcome with both mortgage companies. The short sale process in our situation was riddled with problems and roadblocks to say the least. There were many days when we thought it would take a miracle to close this short sale, but Jackie and her team were forever persistent and they never lost focus or hope. After months of Jackie and her team working tirelessly on our sale, the short sale finally closed. The outcome was better than we could ever have hoped for and we owe so much to her and everyone at Serendipity Group who worked so hard to get this short sale completed. Words can never completely express our thanks and gratitude for what Jackie and her team have done for us.

Heather & Jesse Velo                                                                                                                           Kalamazoo,Michigan


Thanks, Jackie, for all your hard work on this – it’s much appreciated!  Thanks especially for your attentiveness, calmness, and reassurance.  I’m very glad you were there to help guide us!

Saran & Brian                                                                                                                                                           Waukee, Iowa


Thank you so much for everything.  I am just grateful to have it over with and all is well.  Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you did on this.  I am so thankful to you and your company.  Bless you all.

Billings, Montana


When we put our house on the market in March of 2010 we knew it would be difficult to sell our house in a market that had an ever increasing number of houses going on the market in a small vicinity of space.  As a result, we entered the housing market with the realization that we would most likely have to experience a short sale in order to sell the house.  Selling our house was not an option, it was a necessity.  Ms. Jackie Patterson and the staff at Serendipity Group were with us every step of the way from the moment we contacted them (within the first few months of our house being on the market).  Ms. Patterson’s expertise was quite evident in her communication and coordination with the realtors (selling and buying) and negotiator.  Words cannot adequately express how reassuring it was to have Ms. Patterson working with us and the realtors.  After several broker price opinions, the staff at Serendipity Group (including a negotiator) were successful in convincing the mortgage company of the downward trend in the housing market in southwest Michigan.  In addition to “jumping through the hoops” with a mortgage company, Ms. Patterson had the added difficulty of dealing with us moving out of state.  Ms. Patterson and the staff of Serendipity Group did a phenomenal job during the days that were provided to gather all of the closing documents and remove any liens on the property.  We were highly impressed with how smooth it was for us during this difficult process.  We would recommend Ms. Patterson and the Serendipity Group to anyone that is in need of selling their house through a short sale.

Vince and Laura
Paw Paw, Michigan


Both Marie and I feel very grateful and appreciative of all of your work and support throughout this process. I doubt the house would have sold, nor the short-sale been approved, had it not been through your service.

John & Marie
Kalamazoo, Mi.


Thank-you for everything!  I appreciate your amazing help and service.

Delton, Mi.


“We would recommend Serendipity/Crosswinds to anyone looking to do a short sale!  We bought our house right before the market took a turn, and before we knew it, we were upside down in our house.  Due to some unexpected financial circumstances, we were unable to keep up on the payments and general upkeep of our home.  We had it listed for over 2 yrs without a single bite on it. We contacted Serendipity Group to inquire about a short sale.  We were pleased with the honest, open communication they provided.  They were easy to get a hold of, patiently answered all of our questions, and were extremely professional.  We soon sold our house with no deficiency judgement, and our credit was only slightly affected (I checked!!)  I would highly recommend their service to anyone!”

Melissa & Jared
Kalamazoo, Mi.


Real Estate Professionals:


It was a pleasure working with you on the short sale in Paw Paw. I have never worked with a third party on a short sale and it was a very pleasant experience. I felt that you took a lot of the burden off me and handled everything in a very professional manner.

I would certainly use you again, Jackie, and I would highly recommend you to any other realtors dealing with these short sales.

Janine Lenderink
Prudential Preferred Realtor


I am a full-time real estate investor and work with a lot of real estate professionals.  Without a doubt, the Serendipity Group is the most professional and effective group I’ve worked with.  I’ve worked with other short sale negotiators in the past, but Jackie and her team are in a class above them all and I wouldn’t dream of working a short sale with anyone else.  They communicate well with all parties involved and are extremely thorough, ethical, and effective.  They have exceeded my expectations on every case and I look forward to working with them for a long time.

Matt Lavinder
Bristol, Tennessee
Lavinder Development, LLC


“I’ve been very pleased with the professionalism and expertise of Serendipity Group. They receive all of my short-sale referrals because they are dependable and really care about getting good results for the homeowner.”

Cascade Property
Billings, Montana


It is a pleasure both professionally and personally to work with Serendipity Group. Jackie Patterson and her team have great integrity when working with our clients who are looking at the short sale option. They are not only professional, but they are very concerned about the client’s well-being. That is what drives their business of short sale negotiations. There are millions of people suffering, and Serendipity’s main concern is putting that client first. We trust our clients to Serendipity Group because they not only take great care of our clients, but they do everything they can to complete the short sale in a timely manner. They have the capacity to handle many clients at once and handle them with care. Jackie Patterson is also very personable and has always been willing to speak with our staff and answer questions. She has even been gracious enough to be special guest on a few of our conference calls so that our Consultants all over the country could learn a bit more about the short sale process. All in all, Serendipity Group has been a driving force in our Short Sale Division here at KBFG. We’re very happy and proud to work with them and look forward to having a wonderful business and personal relationship with them for years to come.

Kingdom Builders Financial Organization
Nationwide Real Estate Consulting Firm
Philadelphia, PA


I am writing to recommend Serendipity Group LLC.  When compared with like companies, Serendipity Group comes out as a leader in their business. I have enjoyed working with them for the last several years. Their professionalism, resources, and experience makes them the only choice for realtors and their customers.

Daniel Horman – Owner/Broker
Daniel Horman Real Estate
Billings, Montana


It is with great pride that I get the opportunity to describe our business relationship with Serendipity Group, LLC.  Our relationship started back in 2009, and they have been a great pleasure!   ……… if you choose to conduct business with Serendipity Group, LLC you too will also find them a great pleasure to work with.

While we work in the distressed real estate markets, Serendipity Group, LLC sets themselves above most others.  While most companies only care about the “bottom” dollar, Serendipity Group, LLC cares about all parties involved. Never have we found a company that puts people in such high regard.

James Ward – Managing Member
Crosswind Properties
Ocala, Florida